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August Lösch Preis 2016

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The city of Heidenheim an der Brenz and the August Lösch Association jointly grant the prestigous August Lösch Prize 2016. 

The prize was created in 1971 and first awarded in 1972 by the City of Heidenheim in honour of August Lösch (1906-1945), one of the founders of modern Regional Science, and a former citizen of Heidenheim.
The prize is intended to reward outstanding academic research in the field of Regional Science. The prize carries an award of Euro 4000. Joint recipients will share this amount.
The Association invites the submission of research work written in either German or English. The prize will be presented at the 56th ERSA Congress, 23-26 August 2016 in Vienna.
The winner, or winners, will be selected by an international committee headed by Johannes Bröcker, University of Kiel, Germany.

  •  All types of manuscripts such as PhD theses, books, book chapters or research papers will be received. Research papers should already have been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed international journal. However, no work should be submitted that has been published before 2014.
  •  Work by young academics will be preferred over that of established professors.
  •  Documents must be submitted in electronic format (pdf).
  •  The deadline for submission is 15 March, 2016.

  •  The submission has to be accompanied by a CV and a summary of the submitted work in English language (maximum of 3 pages).
  •  The winner, or winners, will be invited to Vienna 25 August 2016, all costs covered.
To submit, please write an email to august-loesch-preis@economics.uni-kiel.de
You will be provided with upload information.
For any further question please contact august-loesch-preis@economics.uni-kiel.de

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